Q1. What can I use Oxford e-Learning for?

  • Oxford e-Learning questions are specifically designed to affirm your knowledge of the topics covered and allow you to continue to learn and improve
  • Questions are now tagged with key words - this allows you to identify weaknesses or gaps in your knowledge
  • Printable certificates are available for your portfolio
  • Better scoring system which allows you to compare your own scores against other users, allowing for bench-marking against your peers
  • In many cases, courses are accredited by relevant professional bodies
  • Produce certificates of completed courses via Oxford e-Learning
  • View your course history, including: completed, active, and expired courses

Q2. What do I need to access it?

European Heart Journal courses are free to access. Please register your Oxford e-Learning account to access the EHJ courses by following these instructions: EHJ Access Instructions

British Journal of Anaesthesia, BJA Education and CEACCP tests are accessible to journal subscribers. Please log into your Oxford Journals My Account here if you have a personal subscription. If you have institutional access to the journal, please contact Oxford Journals Customer Services for an access token.

If you are unsure of how to access the content you require, please contact Oxford Journals Customer Services.

The Oxford e-Learning website supports the following browsers and later versions of these:

  • Internet Explorer Version 8
  • FireFox version 14
  • Chrome version 20
  • Safari version 5

Q3. What if I forget my username and password?

Please follow the instructions on the Forgotten Password page.

Q4. Have we answered your question?

For any additional questions about how to access Oxford e-Learning courses, please contact: Oxford Journals Customer Services